NGRID: Revolutionary way to compose music
Write 10 songs in the same time as you used to write 1. Remove the tedium from your workflow. Compose on the go. Blazing fast piano roll interface.
Import a MIDI file. Extract melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic patterns. Permute them, recombine them. Rinse, repeat.
No prior knowledge needed
No prior music nor music theory knowledge needed. Learn as you go. Let ngrid guide you. Friendly for beginners but optimized for power users.
Turn your laptop keyboard and trackpad into instruments. No more MIDI controllers. No more double click for one note. One action, one chord. One action, one phrase.
Tonality is restrictive. Explore all the exotic scales and rhythmic patterns.
Compose with friends at the other end of the world, see changes instantly.
Sounds danktacular, sign me up!